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Winter Golf In Scotland

November 9, 2017

Golf is seasonal in Scotland some say?

Call it global warming or call it just bad luck but summer here in Scotland is never quite what we hope for year on year (pretty sure our grandparents thought the same) and over the past 3-4 years spring and autumn has given us far better weather for golf! we are into winter here now (Nov 9th) and still we are taking tours golfing, its pretty cold now (approx 6-8 degrees) but With an extra layer and a wooly hat we are still doing 9 & 18 holes regularly and mostly on normal greens too!

The moral of this story is why dont you come to Scotland either in Winter (around xmas is great!) or in Spring or Autumn and play golf in Scotland around these times, Golf Courses will be quieter and more peaceful, you will almost definitely be guaranteed a tee-time on The Old Course and you can enjoy the country in a climate/colour scheme that most don’t get to see!

We can make a “Bespoke Xmas or Winter Package” just for you and your group to visit Scotland yet still take in some Golf and worst case scenario and it is adverse weather we can still do the pilgrimage to St Andrews Old Course for that all important group shot on The Swilken Bridge!

“”I hate all those weathermen, too, who tell you that rain is bad weather. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing, so get yourself a sexy raincoat and live a little.” Billy Connolly

winter golf in scotland