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When was your ‘Golden Era of Golf’

November 24, 2017

Which Generation would you rather play golf with?

In recent weeks, I have read a number of articles around who the greatest ever golfer was.

Clearly a huge % of golf fans immediately jump to Jack Nicklaus and this is a hard case to argue with. His majors, His skill, His panache – All a joy to behold and without doubt, The most successful golfer in the history of the game but………..

Was his competition as great as the golfers off today or even the generation before it ?

Nicklaus had Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson , Lee Trevino and Seve to contend with – collectively winning 35 Majors between them so some stiff competition.

In the Tiger era we had a plethora of brilliant golfers – Westwood , Garcia , Davis Love, Furyk, Donald, Singh, Mickelson and Els plus many more however none of them really challenged the majors with only Mickelson and Els winning 3 or more majors during this Era.

Skip forward to the present and we have an incredible list of top golfers all capable of winning majors

McIlroy , Day , Johnston , Speith , Fowler , Rose , Thomas , Matsuyama, Scott, Stenson , Koepka, Bubba Watson , Fleetwood, Pieters are just the tip of the iceberg – Phenomenal players in their own right

Jack’s era was less about equipment and more about feel and course management. Courses like St Andrews were the toughest in the world. This era was all about shot making – Bump and runs, Low cuts into the wind amongst many others

Tigers Era was about the improved golf courses – Courses redesigned to cope with the equipment changes that increased driving distances – A newly planted bunker in a longer landing area. Minor adjustments to cope with evolution

Rory’s Era – An era of long hitting players – Booming balls over 310-320 yards off the tee. Excellent score builders racking up unbelievable rounds of golf in the low 60s consistently. 320 drives and wedges to par 5s – Unheard of the in the previous eras. World renowned golf courses overpowered by the current breed

So if you had the choice – Which era would you play in and why ?

1. The intricate era of Jack
2. The evolving era of Woods
3. The overpowering era of McIlroy

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