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Gleneagles Queens

Welcome to Go Golf Scotland. A family run business within Scotland’s central belt.

Go Golf Scotland was founded after two Brothers, both hugely passionate about Golf and Scotland followed the army of golf fanatics around the country in marvel of its wonderful courses and the passion shown for the game.

From Gleneagles to The Glen to The Old Course our passion remains as strong as ever and whilst some could say The Old Course has took a rather commercial route these days we do love and the nostalgia involved is pretty special for many of our clients, these same clients though are equally thrilled to be witnessing many of our hidden gems on and off the golf course, our goal is to show you so much more than the old course (but still the old course) and to showcase Scotland. The Best Small Country in the World.

Our aspirations are simple…. Firstly – to give us the opportunity to do a “job” that we love doing. Secondly – Proudly showing our clients how beautiful and diverse Scotland is as a country and last but not least providing packages and services that are unrivalled.

We will not be beaten on price and provide a fair price for Golf in this wonderful country. Our packages do no longer include guaranteed tee times at St Andrews although we will always aspire to secure these if sold at reasonable , acceptable prices for our clients. there is also the option of the ballot and another 2/3 options available to you, if you REALLY REALLY want to play the old course you CAN and we will show you how.

We can and will show you the amazing “hidden gem” golf courses that the “larger” golf experience companies will not show you (there’s little mark up omn these courses) and we will take you to natural beauty’s that line the shores of this great country, we’ll show you castles and lochs (mostly free) and take you to bars and restaurants where you will see the real Scotland.

Our Passion is PROUDLY showcasing our Country and showing you our Client the culture and the absolute beauty that exists within its this small part of the world and then we can “Haste ye back”